A small (but significant) writing victory

I was flicking through the University Of Reading’s magazine Connected issue 3, 2012 when I spotted my name in the Share your Story section. I read on and realized it was the story of my life after graduation that I’d emailed the University Alumni page a while back in an attempt to get in touch with fellow ex students.  . Seeing as I’ve just started my life story in book form this week, I was especially happy to see it. The magazine always bring back great memories of my time at Reading. Seeing this published has made me even more determined to persue writing my own book, especially now I know things I write get published. My university experience will occupy its own special place in my book. I know this is a small victory, but every writer has to start somewhere!. I’m looking forward to other writing victories of mine, another of which I’m sure will be my book. Today’s surprise has prompted me to write more for magazines, as well as seeing through all my book projects. 

As the title of this entry states, this is ” a small (but  significant) writing victory, and I hope I have many more! 



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