Years ago (way back in 2001) I saw the film at the cinema with a friend when we were Freshers (1st years) at university at the university of Wales, Swansea, west Glamorgan South Wales. Ever since that day, I’ve loved this film and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen it in various formats, whether it be on TV, via the Internet or the now almost socially forgotten videotape which was the original format it was first out on and I decided to buy it at HMV. The film impacted on me so much I couldn’t stop thinking about it and watched it at every opportunity I could get. I was amazed by the acting talents of Helen Hunt (who I’d seen in “Twister” and other films), and also Kevin Spacey (who I’d seen less of on the small screen). Most of all, Haley Joel Osment amazed me with his great mature attitude to acting despite his years. Most of all, it was the storyline that made it unforgettable, the idea that just a simple idea that asking 3 people to help three others and three more and so on was a simple, but effective one that in some way bought all the characters together and shows no matter what your social standing or background in life, there are always people who are in need, and glad of, others help. The ending was sad and really touched me, but was positive in that so many people recognized the good the Movement (pay it forward) did. As soon as I saw the film, I wanted to track down the book, but I didn’t find it til last year (2012) when looking online for the image from the DVD cover. Luckily I found it and have downloaded the ebook , by Catherine Ryan Hyde, to my ipad. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it with a herbal tea by my side!


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