What I’m Reading

Xmen The Last Stand Moviie Nobelization / Film Tie In

So, I   recently finished Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell, of Sex and the City / 4 Blondes/ Trading Up fame, and decided I wanted to read something else. On searching through a mountain of paperbacks, I found a book I bought almost a year ago but have never read: Xmen The Last Stand . This is a film novelization by Chris Claremont .  I’m enjoying it so far! I’ll update here and also review other books I’ve read .  The title of this blog post is a new section  in my blog , and is already on the My Reading Paradise Facebook page . I wanted to introduce this section so I can write  about what I read in more detail, and include an image of the book for those of you who read my post and think “that looks/ sounds good, I might just get myself a copy!”  It will be nice  for me to know that , in some small way, I have contributed to the fact that a book is on your bookshelf, bedside table or waiting in your handbag to be eagerly read on a train journey because I posted in my WordPress blog.  Thank you in advance for your interest in my blog .


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