My Dwewy’s Read-a-Thon October 2013 Timetable

For the last few days, I’ve been preparing for the Dewey’s Read-a-thon which is this weekend . In an effort to be more organised and read and blog more during the contest this time.

All my progress will be posted here on my WordPress Blog My Reading Paradise , which is the URL I’ve signed up for the challenge with. WordPress posts my Blog posts automatically to my Facebook pages
My Facebook Profie Page –
My Reading Paradise’s Facebook Page –

and Twitter is linked to it , so my posts are visible in all those places .

I spent some time this morning creating a timetable to use during it, so I can participate better hopefully and be focused in trying to get as much out of the Read-a- Thon as possible.

The timetable is finished now and looks like this:
* see note below

Saturday 12 October 2013

Pre Read- a- thon blog post 11:30

Read 12:00
Blog 13 :00
Comment on other Readers’ blog posts
Read 13:45
Blog 14:00
Read 14:15
Blog 15:00
Read 15:15
Blog 16:00
Eat 16:15
Blog:17: 00
Read : 17:15
Blog: 18:00
Read 18:15
Comment on other Readers’ blog posts 18:35
Blog: 19:00
Read 19:15
Blog 20:00
Read 20 : 15
Blog 21:00
Read 21:15
Blog 22: 00
Read 22:15
Blog 23:00
Read 23:15
Blog 24:00

Sunday 13 October 2013

Comment on other Readers’ blog posts 10:30
Read 10:45
Blog 11:00
Read 11:10
Comment on other Readers’ blog posts and write my final blog post 11:45


* I haven’t included breaks on purpose on the timetable, as I’ll take these when needed, and haven’t put a set time for them.

I’d like to wish everyone who’s participating a Happy October 2013 Dewey’s Read-a- thon, and I’m already counting down the hours until it starts !!! 🙂

I’m off to read now. I’ll post here again soon.



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