Post- Read-a-Thon : Reading Update and other Updates

I’m still reading One Day by David Nicholls, and in as engrossed in the storyline as I was during the Read- A- Thon. It’s a very relaxing book to read , but full of humour , as well as serious parts. Dexter’s mother lost her fight with cancer years ago , and Dex himself is still hooked on drink and is working on a TV show for teenagers together with a very bubbly lady called Suki Meadows. Dex tries to rekindle his relationship with Emma Morley , and they end up at a chic bar , where they have a disastrous meal where the food is cold and Dex seems more interested in the Cigarette Girl (the bar has a 1920s theme) than in Emma. Emma is now a qualified teacher and has been for a while. She has had some relationships too .
I’ll have to keep reading to see what else happens , and I’ll update on my progress with the book soon. I’m at the halfway point now.
After the Read-a-Thon ended, I got a comment here on my blog (the final entry of my blog for the Read-A–Thon proved popular, as did others) from Team Tiger thanking me for participating this year , and suggesting I fill in an “End of Read-a-Thon Survey” , so I did. There were only 6 questions but I answered them quickly ( they’re published in a previous blog post) . I found myself reading over a link on the Dewey’s Read-a-Thon Facebook page , feeling happy for the people who’d won prizes and re-reading the Final Blog Post by the Read- A-Thon team , when I saw they had a date there for the next Read-A-Thon in April 2014. I saved this in my iPad calendar.

Suddenly, I found myself signing up in the Volunteers’ section , which was a small form at the bottom of the page. I didn’t really think twice about this and found myself signing up for either a Pre – blog post , or hosting a Mini- challenge. I think these are manageable tasks for me, and seem like a fun alternative to being a Reader- although I still WILL be a Reader.

Those are some plans for the next Read- a-Thon, I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to win a prize.

Back to my reading I go ……


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