Sneak Peek: My Book Synopsis For My First Book: Spellbrooke

As part if this year’s National Novel Writing Month, I decided to write a fantasy Nobel, and call it Spellbrooke. I also had to provide a synopsis for my book, here it is . I wanted to share it with YOU, the fans of my page Katherine Hayward, my life with cerebral palsy .

Casey Ford and Rachel Brown have a lot in common: they are best friends, they are both nine years old , and they both have Cerebral Palsy. They also want to be popular .
It’s the the last day of school before the summer holidays. They both love reading and horses. They are looking forward to a nice fun, relaxing summer, without Angela and her friends from school teasing them and Casey’s brother Nick being a nuisance . The summer starts off great, with trips to the swimming pool and shopping centre , but then the girls ‘ parents book them into Primrose Fresh Air Home , a summer camp. Clearly, their idea of fun is very different ! Reluctantly , they both go, and in some ways it’s not so bad, they ride, swim, do crafts and go on day trips.
One day trip is to Swallowdale , a town where they visit a fortune teller with a crystal ball who tells of a magical land called Spellbrooke, where Faries, Humans and animals live. If only they could find the way there…….
A scandal forces their days at the camp to be over, but it’s not all bad news as Casey’s tenth birthday arrives, and she’s given what she always wanted: a horse she names Noah. They make a promise that they will visit Spellbrooke again, and one day they do. This time, they’re set a Quest by Queen Tobenia and King Oliver II: find the missing Popularity Potion.
Together with an unlikely group of friends and animals, they battle through Spellbrooke completing mini Quests, and searching for the missing Popularity Potion , but will they complete it ? Will the Potion work? Was Spellbrooke real or just a dream
Join Casey and Rachel as they discover a new land, make new friends, and discover a true friendship can never be broken.


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