Pre Readathon Post: Dewey’s Readathon April 2014

Here are my ideas for a reading challenge . I’ve been given hour 7 , which is 8 PM for me. The challenge will run until 11PM (GMT + 1)

1) write a  short (200-300 word) review about the book you’re reading on either your blog, Facebook or twitter timeline. What parts do / don’t you like and why? What are the characters like? What’s the storyline like?
What are your favourite quotes from the book?
2)Favourite Quotes
Choose your favourite quotes from what you read that you feel sum up the book well. Choose 5.
Include Authour, date of publication and genre .
I’ll judge the winners on which books I  would most like to read from your reviews and which  I think are best summed up by the quotes you’ve chosen from them.
You will get a Facebook/ blog/ twitter shout – out in return, so let me know the link you want to receive that at.
Good luck!



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