Dewey’s April Readathon 2014 : Summary of the Readathon and my final Radathon hour

Today I had some phone calls, and in between that I was reading. I finished the babysitters club # 6 : Kristy’s Big Day and I started Across The Creek by Jeremy Asher. I am also still reading Maine by J . Courtney Sullivan , which wasn’t on my reading list for the Readathon. This month’s Readathon has been fun again, and I can’t wait till October to do the next one I have read almost everything I wanted to , plus some extra books before the Readathon that were on my reading list (America’s Bravest and Window Boy) so I’m very happy about that. You can read about them in the posts in this blog which refer to each book.
Here’s a synopsis of Across the Creek. I’ve already read Beneath the Willow.
Life only gives you one first kiss.

And when Jesse Malone kissed Sarah Ramsey, he thought his life would change, but not in the way that it did. An unlikely childhood romance between a poor boy and a wealthy girl began the day Jesse decided to do the impossible and cross the creek. A love was born, one that would become their shelter, protecting them from the storms of their lives, until the day Jesse witnessed his mother’s murder, forcing him to leave his childhood home…and first love.

Ten years later, life has finally gotten better for Jesse. He has a loving family, a charming pet shop to run, and one semester left before graduating with a degree in architecture. Everything is great, until the day fate intervenes and his long-lost love walks into his shop and back into his life.

Sarah, engaged to a budding attorney, is struggling to keep everything together. Her father, diagnosed with terminal cancer, is running out of time. Sarah races to build their dream business while planning her wedding in time for her father to walk her down the aisle.

Their brief encounter starts a series of events that neither Jesse nor Sarah expects. After a decade of running, Jesse is now forced to face the demons from his past, while Sarah has to choose between her handsome attorney and her first love.

Just when they think love has given them a second chance, Jesse is faced with an impossible decision, one that will change their lives forever.

Across the Creek is the first in a 2-book series. Beneath the Willow is the second.








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