Dewey’s April Readathon, Sunday, April 27, 2014

8: 26 AM
I’m awake early, and am now half – way through BSC #6 , Kristy ‘s Big Day, and it’s exciting that her mum and her stepdad will be getting married. The babysitters club has to look after 14 kids on their wedding day, and after some concerns, they are all looking forward to it. It’s a busy time in Stonybrook, as David Michael, Kristy ‘s younger brother, has won his first school award. They have an awards wall in their house, and Kristy and her older brother wonder what they will do with it. They are meant to be moving in July, which is now earlier than they thought they would be, because the person who is going to be buying their house wants to move in sooner than they thought. Kristy’s worries about living in the same area as MaryAnn , Claudia and Stacey with who she has practically grown up, are somewhat solved when she finds out they will at least still be going to the same school but at a price, albeit a small price for a millionaire to have to pay (Watson is a millionaire). The school in the area where Watson’s house is is the one they’re supposed to go to, but as they are the BSC, and great friends, they want to stay together Kristy is going to be staying at the same school, andfor this her parents will have to pay. I’m pleased about this as I was very attached to the babysitters club when I was about 11 years old, which was when I first discovered the book series, and now that I’m reading the classic editions, I am reading the whole series from start to finish. Even though this is only the sixth book in the series, a lot has happened already and I feel like I really know the characters now. I aim to finish this book today and carry on with another.


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