The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Sounds good


the beginning of everythingPublished by Katherine Tegan, August, 2014 ****

When Ezra’s leg is shattered in a car accident, he is forced to reevaluate what matters in his life. No longer comfortable with his popular, jockish crowd, he reconnects with a childhood friend, joins the debate team, and falls for the mysterious new girl, Cassidy. As worldly and spontaneous as she is, Cassidy is holding something back, and it’s obvious that she’s not being completely honest with Ezra. One devastating night, Ezra realizes that Cassidy will never truly open up to him.

I really liked Ezra as a narrator. His cynicism allows him to observe a world he no longer belongs in: a school of privileged kids in McMansions, driving BMW’s, and throwing keggers. I enjoyed the antics of Ezra and his offbeat group of new friends. The conclusion delivered a nice little twist, demonstrating why Cassidy was such a tragic character. Despite…

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