My Review: The Case of the Mussing Blahnik by Christine De Maio-Rice

I wasn’t sure about this at first, as I saw it was short, but downloaded it from Amazon as soon as I read a review that said Sex and The City fans will love it. It was fun reading about Ruby and Laura’s escapades looking for Ruby’s lost Manolo Blahnik shoe, and there were some funny parts. The humour was the dry, SATC style humour that works well in these kinds of books with this subject matter, and it was a quick, easy and light read, although it had a pace that kept things interesting on what could otherwise have been a boring plot, but the idea, the use of a Blahnik shoe as the main subject in the title, immediately made the novel glamorous.
The atmosphere, descriptions, and characters instead made for a great read. As it ended I found myself wanting the story to go on. I was pleased to find an excerpt of Dead is the New Black, a full length novel by the same author. I have added that to my to-read list already!, as well as others by her, I can’t wait to read them if they are as good as this was!



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