Books I would LOVE to see on Kindle and iBooks

If you were a book crazy, 90s teen like me, you will identify with this post Recently, I had a yearning for the books of my teens and looked up books such as the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate, Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University by Francine Pascal and the Wild Hearts series by Cherrie Bennett. I loved these series but did not get to read all the books in them, when they were popular, although I had some myself and read others by doing book swaps with friends, or browsing the shelves at my local library.
Looking through the pages of or bought up different results. Many of the Making Out and Wild Hearts books were on, but the SVH AND SVU ones proved, dissapointingly, to be much harder to find , and most were non-existent. I did find some on, but given that this series has over 100 regular novels and some 20 special eds as well as spin-offs, making it equivalent, or at least comparable, in length to the hugely popular The Babysitters Club series, I find myself filled with regret that I did not collect more of these books back in the day.
The advantage I see with the BSC books is that they were relaunched a few years back in ebook format, and this is great for me as I have an iPad.
As an author myself, I know that the book-edition heirarchy goes like this: HARDBACK-PAPERBACK-EBOOK-AUDIOBOOK, with the latter two
categories being produced if the author makes the decision to convert them.


3 thoughts on “Books I would LOVE to see on Kindle and iBooks

  1. I’d been trying to remember who wrote the Wild Hearts books a few weeks ago, thanks. She wrote another series as well didn’t she?

    • My pleasure She wrote lots of series, they are all listed here. I did not realise she wrote Dawson’s Creek too- I will have to get my hands on those, I loved the TV series. I am a fan of Cherrie Bennett on Goodreads. I just bought the last 2 Wild Hearts books (which I never read- I have the rest) and it is great to revisit the series. I will he reading more of her books, definitely. I bought some more Making Out books (the ones I didn’t read years ago) and have downloaded the first Animorphs book, also by KA Applegate.

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