My Review: Fall of Night : The Morganville Vampires # 14

This book is sooo action packed! It has a storyline like the others . Claire leaves Morganville to study at MIT in Boston, Later on, Shane are reunited after they both spot each other in the bar Shane works at temporarily. There is some ‘catching up’ and then Eve Oliver and Myrnin make an appearance with a badly hurt Michael. Shane has war wounds from a run in with some guys whilst more than a little tipsy himself. Claire has not long discovered the bartender is a vampire called Jesse who is friends with a guy called Pete. Claire’s high school friend Liz who she rents a house with after leaving Morganville at the beginning of the story to study at MIT and her stalker boyfriend have gone mysteriously missing, and it seems Liz’s biology professor may know more about vamps than he lets on…….
The whole story with the exception of the very beginning and very end takes place outside of Morganville, in and around science labs and the neighbourhood Liz, Claire, Shane, Jesse and Pete live in, and Claire and Myrnin invent a device called The VLAD which has consequences for the vampires.
The book had me hooked from beginning to end, and I would really recommend it if you are a Morganville fan.



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