My Reading List: Dewey’s Read -a – thon october 2014

Dewey’s Read-a-thon is almost here!

I love reading, and I also love competitions. I did the Dewey’s reader in the last few years, and I really enjoyed it. For those of you who have never heard of it, is a competition where you have to read as much as you can in 24 hours, and blog about what you read and your progress. You can also follow other peoples blogs to see how they are doing. I did quite well in previous years, and luckily reading is enjoyable for me. Here is my reading list:

1. Keep reading and finish Shopaholic to The Stars by Sophie Kinsella
2. Read Passionate Kisses (Wild Hearts # 5 by Cherrie Bennett)
3. Read Hot Winter Knights (Wild Hearts # 6 by Cherrie20141017-183809.jpg Bennett)
4. Read Snow White 3D (graphic novel)
5. Read Beauty and the Beast 3D (graphic novel)

I have some tips for people who want to do Dewey’s Readathon, whether it is your first time or your third (or more! )


Keep an eye out for the sign up links on the facebook page
Sign up as soon as you can, with a link to where you’ll be posting your progress, whether it is a blog or a website.
Follow other people’s blogs before the competition begins.
Decide what you want to read
Make a timetable with reading time and meal and rest breaks


Always read at a normal pace for you: don’t rush.
Visit the blogs you follow and comment on people’s progress.
Blog your own progress at regular intervals, for example every hour of two.


Write a summary post including:

Number of books on your reading list
The number you read during the event
How well you think you did
Whether you are happy with your progress or not
What you would do differently next year (would you sign up earlier/ follow more blogs/read more or less books/ read a different genre (type) of book?

Make sure you rest!

You can follow my progress on my blog






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