My Review: Wild Hearts # 5 : Passionate Kisses by Cherie Bennett

The book starts off in the school cafeteria, and is from Jane McVay’s POV. Jane’s from NYC, and moved to Nashville with her parents and her sister Jillie. During a concert, she notices a violin player who turns out to be Travis Laramie. She can’t stop thinking about him and is disappointed when she thinks he doesn’t turn up to see Wild Hearts and her rehearse the next night. It turns out he was there and they spend the evening together before he drops her back at 1am: something that gets her parents angry. Her dad lays down the ground rules one morning, and when she mentions Travis , the name seems familiar and she shows them a CD she has of Sawyer’s dad’s. Jane and Travis take a road trip to his hometown of Savierville, and Jane is paranoid about her curfew, but phones home various times, and gets the answerphone each time. Finally, her parents find her and her mum has a heart-to-heart with her daughter. She takes some time away from her friends in the band in this book as she is forced to choose between Travis and them. The book resonated with me as I know what it is like having to be away from the person you love. Despite this book being written in 1994 and for a teen audience, the book tackles some very adult issues.



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