My Review: Wild Hearts #6: Hot Winter Nights by Cherie Bennett

Finally, years after reading the first Wild Hearts book by Cherie Bennett, I bought a copy of Wild Hearts #6 Hot Winter Nights from amazon. It was one of the books on my list for this month’s Dewey’s Readathon a few weekends back, and I finished it during that weekend,
In this book, Kimmy Carrier tells life from her point of view, and we get a closer look at the relationship between her and her rich parents. Kimmy definitely doesn’t see eye to eye with her mother, and since book 2 (Wild Hearts on Fire) she has been fighting for respect from her mother. She still has the cute clothes, the contact lenses and the confidence that has defined her since her friends gave her a makeover in that book, and is more determined than ever that her mother will not get the better of her. Things get worse for her when her parents talk about sending her off to a European boarding school: Kimmy does not want to go under any circumstances. Matters worsen when the time comes for her to prepare for her debutante ball, and her mother, in an attempt to curb Kimmy’s ‘rebellious’ behaviour- comes up with some rules.
Kimmy has started to stand up for herself a lot more. Savy helps Kimmy devise a plan to get the Wild Hearts clan to go to the ball as Kimmy’s mother has said they are banned from going, and forces her to go with a guy called Jared instead of her longterm boyfriend Sawyer Paxton.
That’s a basic summary, but you’ll have to read the book to find out more. This book provided a great ending to a great series. It is a shame there are not more books in the series though. I did not understand the relevance of the title though, as there was no mention of winter anywhere in the book. If I had written the book, I’d have called it Kimmy Takes a Stand, or a similar title. That said, not much happened really, but it tied up the loose ends to the plot well. It was still a good book, and Cherie Bennett is a 90s author I can’t fault. I need to read the Sunset Island series (also by her) now.


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2 thoughts on “My Review: Wild Hearts #6: Hot Winter Nights by Cherie Bennett

    • Hi Em, I can’t remember reading any. I asked for some (the first few) for Christmas or my birthday and didn’t get them. I’ve seen some on amazon though.

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