My Review: Amy and Matthew by Cammie Mc Govern

I wasn’t sure about this at first but it turned out to be a great read, and Amy and Matthew are really realistic characters. They both have their challenges in life, and get through them together on most occasions. The reason they meet is because she’s looking for peer helpers at high school. That’s great that a friendship so great comes out of a situation like this. I can identify with Amy’s disability as I also have CP, although it affects me differently.
This book was recommended to me by someone who knew I write books with characters with disabilities in them, and I’m so glad I got to read it as I had never heard of Cammie McGovern before. The story is well written, has great pace throughout, believable characters and some very thought provoking and tense, as well as sad, moments. This was a good way to show disability awareness too. I have Cammie McGovern’s other books on my to-read list.
A must-read if you like a realistic and enjoyable read.
I thought there could have been more moments where she described how her disability affected her, and that more aspects of Matthew’s personality and less of her relationship with her parents could have been included, so it just focused on Amy and Matthew, as the title says it’s a love story. I thought at times we saw too much of Amy”s high school life, and I enjoyed the part after she graduated high school. I can identify with the peer helper system, and I had one-to-one help due to my disabilities. I started my education in special education.
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