First Book of 2015: Taken by Sharon Hamilton.

The full title of this book is Taken: The Agonising True Story of My Missing Sister. This year I will introduce a star rating system for my books.
Taken is Sharon’s story of the long years between her sister Vicky’s disappearance and the discovery, seventeen years later, of her body in the garden of a house once occupied by Peter Tobin, who will stand trial for her murder.
I was looking for something great to read to start 2015 off and I found this. I love true stories that have an impact, and especially someone’s personal experiences. This book does not dissappoint: it is an extremely well-written account, and the reader can tell it comes straight from the heart of the author. The love and dedication with which the novel was penned is obvious, and Sharon Hamilton has an amazing attention to detail despite the painful personal subject matter of the story.

A must-read for those who like true stories, the book is a great way to keep Vicky’s memory alive. There were times when the story brought tears to my eyes. It is such a powerful book. Well deserving of five stars.



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