My Review: Prince in Exile Book 1 by HJ Bradley

I was wanting to read this, and I am glad I finally got to do so. It is great for a short read and I read it in just under an hour and a half. The plot is clever and the book has great flow. From the outset the characters are believable and likeable , and I was generally interested in their plight to get out of Vinterstaden. The book is filled with a great mixture of action and romance and it has a storyline that stays with the reader. I read the Kindle version on my iPad Kindle app and have the second book too, so I can get straight on with reading that. The cover of this book is amazingly well done, and I love the colours and font and think they compliment themselves nicely. The story is put across well in a direct and readable manner despite the length of the book, and all the ins and outs of the plot made me forget about this. The three words at the end of the book – ‘” to be continued “- had me immediately saving Book 2 as “to read” on Goodreads. The other thing I did notice were a few small spelling and grammar issues, but overall the book was a great read, it was just a little short. The language is very direct and sensual. The feelings of love between the characters are very strong and the book is heartwarming because of this.



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