My Review: Sleeping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella Writing As Madeleine Wickham

I am usually a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella, and have read Cocktails for Three, which is written under her pen name of Madeleine Wickham, I loved that book, saw an unabridged version of the Sleeping Arrangements audiobook on, and read the positive reviews there. I Thought this would be good, but I was sadly mistaken. I love Spain and anything to do with it, and was appalled at how the idea of going there on holiday seemed like a chore or like the family were going somewhere mediocre. It is a great country with a lot to offr. There was the typical complaint and scenario that the characters left on a day on which the weather was glorious in the UK, and I didn’t like some characters, and felt the book was lacking in detail about them. The only insight I got was from the narrator’s tone of voice. I really hope Swimming Pool Sunday and all the other Madeleine Wickham books are worth a read. I completely agree with other reviewers that this book does not come anywhere close to having the spark and originality of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series.
The title is not very imaginative either I’ll give this 3 stars.




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