What I’m Reading: Prince In Exile by HJ Bradley

I’ve been looking forward to reading this because I followed the author’s progress in writing the book. I also enjoy the genre that the book is written in. This is my fourth book of the year so far. Here is a synopsis of this book:

“Love will only get you so far.”

Ukonsaari. This tiny island Kingdom has been under the dictatorial rule of an evil King for decades.

It is not until his father, the Crown Prince, is assassinated that Prince Teuvo finally realizes just how bad his country sits in ruins. Taking matters into his own hands, he forces himself into the country’s political landscape, only to find himself out of his depth.

When an attempt is made on his life he is forced to take his two lovers, the feisty Princess Astrid of Norway and his personal guard Olani Kransk, and flee his homeland.

Will their love be enough to fight off their enemies? Can Teuvo take back his homeland despite the overwhelming odds? And who is the mysterious Mr. Black who seems to be stalking his every move?



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