National Readathon Day Post

Saturday, 24 January 2015 11:42 AM: A Pre-Challenge Chat

I am so glad I signed up to this a couple of days ago. If I hadn’t of signed into good reads to log one of my books and search for others, I never would’ve seen the announcement on the website. I didn’t doubt myself when signing up because I love challenges, and four hours straight reading doesn’t sound like a huge great challenge to me, in fact it sounds really enjoyable because of my love of reading. So, let’s get started!
The first book I am reading is The Ghost at Dawn’s House, the sixth book in The Babysitter’s Club series by Anne M Martin. It is one of the classic edition e-books. Here’s a synopsis:

The members of the Babysitters Club split their time between babysitting and investigating the spooky noises behind Dawn’s bedroom wall.

Once I’ve finished with the challenge, I’ll be sharing my progress on this blog!
Good luck to everyone who is taking part in this challenge! Read and have fun:)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

12 noon

And I am ready to go! I have the heating on and have just finished my tea leftover from breakfast (I woke up really late) , so now have time just for reading. I bought this edition of my e-book a couple of days ago, and so am going to continue reading it.

1:15 PM

I have now read 52% of book, and it’s a good, but simple, read like the other Babysitters Club books, but the books are aimed at tween readers.
Dawn and her nine-year-old (soon to be ten-year-old) brother Jeff moved to Stonybrook, Connecticut from California. Don’t family’s house is old, and she decides to invite the babysitters club around to try and find a secret passage in the house after she reads a Nancy Drew mystery called the secret passage. Needless to say, the babysitters club try but don’t find the secret passage. Dawn might be in for a surprise though!
The whole book is from Dawn ‘s point of view mainly, but is told together with the other babysitters points of view. (if you haven’t read any Babysitters Club Books, the thing with every babysitters club book- is that each book focusses on a different member of the Club as the main character. )


I finished the book! I had a few phone calls during the Challenge so I didn’t read the second book I had originally planned to read. I’m sure I’ll get round to it soon, though!

More about The Babysitters Club Books




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